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Elder Mediator In Natick

A difficult stage of family life in many cases is the time before and after the death of elderly parents or grandparents. Family dynamics that have been familiar over a lifetime often erupt into disputes over caring for older relatives or settling estates. Even as adults, siblings often resort to their childhood roles within a family. A sibling who has been vocal, a sibling who has been a peacemaker or a sibling who has been financially challenged over a lifetime may be at odds with others in the family when the time comes to provide care, interpret a will or administer an estate.

Mediation is often the most promising path to a satisfactory, peaceful resolution to critical areas of dispute such as:

  • How to select a health care proxy, trustee or attorney in fact
  • When to move out of the family home
  • How to distribute family heirlooms among family members
  • How to compensate a caregiver child
  • What to do with a family vacation home
  • How to divide up costs of upkeep of a vacation property
  • How to distribute wealth and assets of deceased parents in accordance with their wishes as expressed in a trust or will

Talk to me, an experienced elder mediator, to learn how mediation can help your family at a difficult time after a death — or in anticipation of challenges even before an ailing family member has passed away.

Mediation keeps disputes out of the courtroom and in the hands of those individuals who are directly affected by the outcome. During the mediation process, individuals engage in dialog to resolve a specific dispute. Mediation cannot resolve a lifetime of family dysfunction and is not intended as family therapy. Instead, elder mediation is a voluntary, tried-and-tested way of settling disputes that are common during elder care and estate administration process. It can even keep a family intact and out of court.

Work Together To Settle Estate Matters Peacefully And Out Of Court Through Mediation

I am an attorney who is also a mediator focusing on estate-related disputes. Mediation is typically much less costly and much more likely to leave parties on speaking terms than is the case in a conflict played out in probate court. Family members may disagree, but will still remain family after settling a dispute. Through elder mediation, you and your family members can keep private things private rather than put family business on public display before a judge. If an involved elderly parent or grandparent is still living, his or her views can be part of the dispute resolution process while all family members' views are aired in an orderly manner.

Contact An Elder Law Mediator In Massachusetts To Settle Elder-Related Or Estate-Related Disputes

Perhaps you and your siblings disagree on a long-term care strategy for your aging parents. Perhaps you are stuck in a disagreement over administration of financial assets left behind by a recently deceased grandparent or parent. As an experienced trial attorney, I know all too well how costly and damaging a court battle can be. I am gratified to serve families as a mediator. I can show you how to keep your family relationships intact while settling legal disputes. Contact me, a mediator and lawyer at Moncata Law Office, LLC, in Natick. Schedule a consultation and learn how elder mediation can help your family resolve difficult disputes related to any area of elder law.



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