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Estate Planning Attorney In Natick

It is my pleasure to serve the MetroWest region in legal areas, including estate planning and administration, elder law and elder mediation. As an attorney for over 25 years, I also draw upon years of personal experience as a family caregiver. With this background, I am well-aware of the challenges many families encounter while caring for a spouse, parent or grandparent. In my role as counselor, I provide legal tools and strategies, skills and information to assist individuals and families as they navigate challenging legal issues related to declining health, end-of-life matters and estate administration.

I Am A Knowledgeable, Experienced And Empathetic Lawyer Handling Estate Planning And Elder Law

Estate planning is nearly universally needed, much like emergency preparedness. Practically everyone and every family needs to address issues such as health care proxies, wills, end-of-life matters, and probate, at some point. The best time to prepare is before a crisis, not during one.

As Americans we often shy away from discussing issues associated with incapacity or death and dying. By talking about these issues in anticipation of unexpected life events, we can better make certain that our needs and wishes will be heard and respected. Planning your estate provides peace of mind for you and guidance for those who are may be called upon to carry out your wishes. A knowledgeable and caring estate planning lawyer can be a valuable resource, unraveling the mystery of legal planning strategies that have a large impact on survivors whenever a serious illness or death in the family occurs.

I am available to advise and assist you and your family with elder care issues, including wills and trusts, durable powers of attorney, health care proxies, medical directives, HIPAA authorizations, homesteads, and more.

Before Disputes Lead To Family Discord, Consult With An Elder Mediator

Family disagreements often arise about the care of a parent or grandparent or upon distributing assets following the death of a loved one. Too often, hurtful words or rash actions about legal strategies create discord within families. Such disputes can irreparably harm adult sibling relationships, especially. A stepparent's interests may further complicate matters. Mediation is one tool intended to resolve disputes while preserving family relationships. An elder mediator can be a valuable resource when care of a parent or grandparent proves problematic. A knowledgeable elder mediator works with families to resolve differences through dialogue, not Probate Court litigation.

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